Oproep voor input over internet universaliteit

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UNESCO vraagt om input voor hun programma dat zich richt op het ontwikkelen van indicatoren voor internet universaliteit. Lees hieronder de oproep:

UNESCO has launched a programme of work earlier this year to develop indicators for Internet Universality. UNESCO’s Internet Universality framework is built around four core themes in Internet development, which are concerned with Rights, Openness, Access and Multistakeholder Participation (the R-O-A-M principles). The indicators which are to be developed will be used to assess progress towards an Internet which is consistent with the R-O-A-M principles at national and international levels.UNESCO, APC and its partners are keen to ensure that as many stakeholders as possible contribute to the development of these indicators. We encourage you to complete our questionnaire and contribute your views to help achieve this goal.

The English questionnaires can be found at UNESCO’s website. The closing date for contributions is 31 October.