About NL IGF.

Privacy and accessibility.

Cybercrime. Privacy. Accessibility. Human rights. The Cloud. Internet of Things. The internet offers more opportunities, but also brings lasting issues. How do we deal with the internet? What kind of rules do we establish? When, for example, is hacking ethically responsible? And what falls within freedom of speech on the internet? These are questions that can be best answered at an international level. The internet recognises no borders. Since 2006, the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) has been the worldwide platform for this debate.

At the same time, these issues have an unavoidable impact on a national level. On our Dutch legislation, for example, but also on the policies of Dutch organizations and enterprises. At the same time, there are specific aspects related to the internet in the Netherlands that are also relevant globally. So the Dutch Internet Governance Forum (NL IGF) was set up after the establishment of the IGF so that people in the Netherlands could discuss these issues.

How it’s organised

The NL IGF is the joint initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the administrator of the .nl domain SIDN and ECP | Platform for the Information Society.

The NL IGF was created:

  • to show the Dutch vision and best practices in the area of internet governance to the global IGF in as broad a manner as possible;
  • to contribute in the determination of the national position, on internet-related issues that arise and on international agreements made to address them, so that affected organizations can make and implement practical policies;
  • to raise awareness of the NL IGF and the IGF’s existence to increase the involvement of various stakeholders.

How does the NL IGF fulfil its role?

Activities of the NL IGF include:
  • the NL IGF Event: an annual multi-stakeholder meeting;
  • themed meetings on a variety of subjects at a national level;
  • the NL Young IGF: discussions with young people;
  • participation in the EuroDIG: the pan-European dialogue on internet governance;
  • sharing knowledge via the website, Twitter and LinkedIn;
  • facilitating a well-prepared and as diverse as possible Dutch representation on the IGF;
  • organizing workshops and an NL IGF stand during the IGF.

Whom is the NL IGF for?

Anyone is welcome to join the NL IGF. The NL IGF is there for businesses, policy-makers, young people, politicians, social organizations, technical communities, and members of the academic world. Basically, anyone who has an interest in the policy-making that surrounds internet developments. Participants determine the NL IGF’s agenda themselves. In fact, they are the forum.

Different perspectives for an evenly balanced debate

The more people who participate, the greater the likelihood of a broad-based and balanced policy. If the issue is security versus privacy, for example, then it’s important to hear the voice of the citizen but also that of the security services. Whenever we approach an internet-related topic from different perspectives, we achieve an evenly balanced debate.